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I Know You Want My Feet!

by SexBabesVR


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I Know You Want My Feet!

180° 60 FPS
Studio: SexBabesVR
Starring: Venera Maxima
Aug 1, 2020
Positions: leaning, staying
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Thank you to everyone who wrote, we will try to make it better in future.
SexBabesVR (10 hours ago)
@ItzzGregg  Thanks for feedback, i'll pass it to camera team.
SexBabesVR (10 hours ago)
@ItzzGregg  The mouthbreathing guys who make no effort to keep quiet break the immersion completely in POV VR videos. SexBabesVR has a lot of really hot girls and videos that would be great, but I can't watch most of them because of the horribly distracting and immersion-killing guys breathing heavily, grunting and all that crap.
xcheckvrx (2 days ago)
Finally, a high quality foot fetish scene. More like this, please!
enors (5 days ago)
Good scene, but could've been great. Too much hands. We want to see her feet, not them blocked by male hands. He's also breathing very heavily, which takes me out of it as well.
ItzzGregg (6 days ago)
Male hands, everywhere. Why?
Brasidas (8 days ago)
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