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The Witcher XXX Parody

by SLR Originals


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The Witcher XXX Parody

180° 60 FPS
Studio: SLR Originals
Aug 10, 2020
Positions: leaning, staying
Rate the video 919 votes
VR Quality

Keeping the streets safe from all manner of evil does has its perks... especially you're just a little bit evil yourself. Step into the shoes of The Witcher and spend your hard earned coins in the couple of two incredibly beautiful stars, Lacy Lennon and Whitney Wright, as they treat your tired body to the luxury of hot MFF threesome action, all while Violet Storm, Ashley Manson, and Carmela Clutch watch while sensuously wearing nothing at all. Step into a porn parody of your favorite sexy action franchise with this high-definition, immersive SexLikeReal Original. It's way better than just having a coin tossed to you!

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Wow, cool!
doublevr (6 days ago)
@alexnash  You guys deserve every single praise for this scene and Asian Delight! I think I was a member of almost every VR porn website over the last two years or so and there's a maximum of 5 scenes I will always remember. Two of them are SLR Originals... that makes SLR the only website that has TWO outstanding scenes in my opinion. ;)
KinkyGamer (29 days ago)
@bigboythai  Thank you so much!
alexnash (29 days ago)
@g2kbuffetboy  @g2kbuffetboy Appreciate every word you said! Thank you so so much! And happy you enjoyed that scene! Looking forward for more of your feedbacks! 🙏🏻
alexnash (29 days ago)
@valzod007  Thank you Valzod for you feedback! Will take a note of it.
alexnash (29 days ago)
@xcheckvrx  Thank you so so much for your detailed review! 🙌🏻
alexnash (29 days ago)
@prnlvr  Appreciate your detailed feedback and thank you for acknowledging detailed and hard work put into this unique VR experience! 🙏🏻 We got lucky we got an amazing cast  to work with!
alexnash (29 days ago)
@SlimShady89  Now we are thinking about next one. Thank you, thank you for your feedback and acknowledgement of our work!🙏🏻 
alexnash (29 days ago)
@KinkyGamer  I am so happy you enjoyed this scene and thank you for your high praise feedback! We value and appreciate it so much!  🙏🏻  We always strive to do the best we can with each scene so you can fully immerse and enjoy our every VR experience. More amazing  VR experiences are coming up very soon! 
alexnash (29 days ago)
@SexLikeRealVR  Please tell me it's "soon". :D
KinkyGamer (20.08.2020)
@xcheckvrx  "Lacy was also amazing for most of this, but I did find myself wishing I could selectively mute her at times." Had to laugh at this, 'cos I totally agree. :)
BobbyBadass (19.08.2020)
@KinkyGamer  More is coming! : ^ ) )  :) Glad you liked!
SexLikeRealVR (19.08.2020)
I have to be honest. This scene was the reason I subscribed to this site and it's absolutely worth it! I watched quite some VR scenes during the last weeks but this is without a doubt one of THE BEST VR scenes EVER made! When it comes to my personal taste, everything's perfect here! We have some hot and sexy ladies in the background who touch themselves and moan from time to time. Then we have these absolutely stunning main performers who not only look extremely hot, they also act really sexy. The dirty talk, getting close to the camera, the dialogues, their actions... damn those sloppy blowjobs! This is one of very few vr porn videos, where the viewer really feels like he's right in the middle of the action. Most other vr porn scenes are like "Yeah, they're having sex with me, but it feels so... off... like I'm almost not there", if you know what I mean. But this one? The viewer really is a part of the scene and the girls are sooooooo great at flirting, dirty talk and doing hot stuff. Please give us more videos with that quality! I think "Asian Delight Trip to Manila" is VERY close! So after all, your own SLR Originals are definitely better than any other videos on this website. Give us more! Please?! ;)
KinkyGamer (19.08.2020)
@SlimShady89  Thanks! Really happy you liked it! 
SLR Originals (18.08.2020)
OMG these two are the perfect cast for the role. Please do a second part with these two beautiful ladies. You are the perfect cast. Thank you for this masterpiece
SlimShady89 (18.08.2020)
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