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by VirtualRealPorn


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180° 60 FPS
Studio: VirtualRealPorn
Starring: Kristy Black Michael Fly
Aug 17, 2020
Positions: leaning, staying
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Everything started with a: “are you coming with me to the bathtub?”. You were sitting contemplating your girlfriend’s, Kristy Black, naked body while she was sensually moving her hips, slowly touching her body, telling you with an orgasmic voice how much she wanted to be wet. She brought two glasses of water for you to soak her and while you did it, she started sucking your completely erected penis. Feeling her on you, listening to her voice of excitement when you are fucking in the bathtub, watching the water running through her back till reaching that tattoo on her lower back, and finally that heat running through your bodies until reaching the orgasm. Of course, cumming inside her. It seems you found a new place to enjoy an adventure in virtual porn and help the environment.

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@xcheckvrx  she has an insane body 
Gato123 (21.08.2020)
I initially skipped this one because of the title. I assumed with a name like "Fluid," it would be full of pissing and "squirting," but that obviously isn't the case and it's a really good video. The only thing I'd point out is that the first couple of minutes are a bit ridiculous, even by porn "plot" standards. There is no scenario where a couple would think "hey, let's back away from this big, empty bathtub and then i'll pour several glasses of water over your head and face so that it pours all over the wood and tile floors instead of the bathtub. I will admit that Kristy's reactions to the water pouring look much sexier in a headset than I expected, but it still felt like a really distracting, lazy choice by the director. The rest of the video is top notch though. I even noticed that the guy doesn't seem to be breathing heavily the whole time, which is usually a very common and deal-breaking problem with VirtualRealPorn videos (VRbangers, milfVR and several of the czech / russian studios also make this mistake with almost every video). As a side note, am I the only one who thinks that Kristy Black should win the "Hottest girl with the dumbest tattoos" award? I get that porn stars rarely have more than 5" of visible skin under their tats these days, but no one told her that perhaps permanently etching "I love anal sex" directly above her ass and "Fuck Me" above her mound might not be the best long-term plan?
xcheckvrx (18.08.2020)
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