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My Geisha Dolls

by VRBangers


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180° 60 FPS
Studio: VRBangers
Dec 12, 2017
Positions: leaning
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Have you ever heard about geishas? These Japanese assistants and partners have been accompanying men from all over the world for hundreds of years, providing them with entertainment during parties and various events. Nowadays, their role has changed a bit, as the requirements of men have also evolved - today's geishas play the role of an elite escorts who, in addition to accompanying them in all circumstances, are making their wildest fantasies come true in a hotel room or their apartment. VR Porn geishas don’t ...

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Thank you that will help
Jason (14.12.2017)
Jason, we added a tag for such cases "condom creampie", and made edits in the previous scenes.
Cyberpunk (14.12.2017)
but it can be that the condom has torn... No I would have to disagree the scene actually comes from JVRPorn Studios and if you check everything from them everything that is labeled creampie the guy is wearing a condom so I have to disagree with your point
Jason (13.12.2017)
but it can be that the condom has torn...
Cyberpunk (13.12.2017)
Hey. But in fact there is a creampie in the video and you can see it at 35:50. You're correct but it is obviously a fake creampie last time I checked you can't creampie somebody if you're wearing a condom
Jason (13.12.2017)
Hey. But in fact there is a creampie in the video and you can see it at 35:50.
Cyberpunk (13.12.2017)
This is very annoying I have made the mistake of purchasing a couple of these tag sister is a creampie please explain how it can possibly be a creampie if the guy is wearing a condom makes absolutely no sense please stop tagging these as creampies very frustrating
Jason (13.12.2017)
They license other studio's content in a hope to reach different audience I think...
Bob (12.12.2017)
This scene was released by JVRPorn ... it´s the third time already that i´ve seen VRBangers releasing scenes from other studios. Do they have deals with them or is that stealing?
lörris (12.12.2017)
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