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Office Duties

by BabeVR


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180° 60 FPS
Studio: BabeVR
Starring: Kayla Kayden
Oct 17, 2018
Positions: leaning, staying
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You finally got that promotion last week so you’re working late again. You want to impress your boss by slaying at the office, but he doesn’t know that you married a nympho. Lately, all that overtime has taken a toll on your marriage. You know Kayla is back home waiting for you, fingering her pussy, and dreaming of your dick. But at one point her hands won’t be enough. And just at that thought, Kayla enters your office and you can just tell that she’s wearing some sexy lingerie under that long trench coat. It’s time for a quick break or "marriage duties," as she says. Let’s just hope your boss won't hear your boning and Kayla's moaning.

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So, Kayla is pretty damned hot. But she "tries too hard"... it doesn't seem authentic enough.
m0l0nlabeultra (18.10.2018)
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