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Empowering Ava: A Virtual Reality Experience

2D 360° 30 FPS NON-POV
Studio: SSSH VR
Starring: Ava Mir-Ausziehen Lance Hart
Aug 15, 2016
Positions: sitting
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Ava is a well-known erotic novelist working on her latest book. When she writes her sex scenes, they are always based on her own experiences. When her husband discovers that the current sex scene she's writing contains "pegging", he is not only intrigued, but also has a deep desire to try it. A desire that Ava is more then happy to explore with him! "Empowering Ava", is director Angie Rowntree's first VR movie. “We’re still experimenting and familiarizing ourselves with the technology, but I'm very intriqued with dynamic storytelling and the possibilities it brings. This new medium really does open up a whole new world. A world where the viewer can become an immersed participant in the story, instead of just being a bystander. It’s pretty exciting. It challenges our perception of cinema” Rowntree said.

full video available for streaming.
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Any plans to release more videos of that kind?
Josh (15.08.2016)
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